How Food is Important To Our Body and Health

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How Food is Important To Our Body and Health


Food plays a vital role in the body of a human being as it supports life. The food that a person eats controls different functions in the body cells, thus supporting life processes. For example, food is crucial in providing the energy needed by the body cells (Fisher 38). Without the provision of such energy, the cells will not be capable of functioning properly leading to a decline in body fitness. The decline in body fitness is critical since it can lead to weakening of the body, which can result in failure of carrying one or many physiological processes that support life; this can eventually result to diseases that can lead to death. Therefore, food is necessary for the proper functioning of the body cells. Besides, food plays a vital role in maintaining the health of individuals. Proper functioning of the body cells ensures that the body remains healthy always. In this assignment, the importance of food to the body and health will be discussed. In addition, it will be worth noting that individuals are not well educated about food to understand how fundamental it is to the overall health of the body.

Food is an essential element linked to the health of an individual. The quality of food that a person consumes directly influences the quality of blood, bones as well as the heart and brain action of an individual. Individuals that are well nourished have an improved working ability, excellent appearance, great resistance to diseases, keen and active minds, and strong bodies (Lakshmi 43). This shows how vital food is to the body. Food contains nutrients that supply energy to the body, build and repair cells, and control body processes. These nutrients include proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, water and minerals. Protein giving food is considered one of the most essential foods to the body as they are structural elements of every body cell. Every individual needs to have sufficient proteins to facilitate growth and maintenance of the body. Certain proteins and their derivatives act as functional elements in certain specialized cells, hormones, enzymes, and glandular cells. Therefore, protein plays a vital role in the body of humans as it used by the body for growth, building of new tissues and repairing of broken or worn-out body tissues (Fisher 48). In addition, protein is required in the manufacture of antibodies, enzymes and hormones. The antibodies help in the fight against diseases while enzyme and hormones support certain body processes such as digestion. Furthermore, food containing protein is essential in the body as they help in maintaining a proper acid-alkali balance in the human body and regulates the movement of fluids.

Food containing fat is vital to the body as it helps in protecting certain organs such as the kidneys and eyes. Fats are also vital in providing energy. Their importance in the body is marked by the problems they cause if absent in the body. Deficiency in fats results in dermatitis, poor growth, neurological disturbances, poor reproductive capacity, and lowered resistance to infection (Lakshmi 66). Carbohydrate containing food is also essential to the body as it provides energy to the red blood cells, brain, lens of the eye and the central nervous system. Besides, carbohydrate food is vital in providing heat that maintains the body temperature. On the other hand, vitamins act as catalyst for all the reactions using fats, protein and carbohydrates for energy, cell maintenance and growth. Vitamins cannot get used without a sufficient supply of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and minerals. Vitamin giving food is essential for maintaining a good health. Another constituent of food that is essential to the body is minerals. Minerals are crucial in the body as they help in the formation of nails, teeth and bones. Minerals are a critical part of the respiratory pigments, enzyme and enzyme systems. They also help in regulating the permeability of capillaries and cell membranes, and sensitivity of nervous and muscular tissue (Gaff and Chris 28). Besides, minerals are fundamental in the body as they regulate water diffusion in the body and maintain the correct acid-base balance. In addition, they play an essential role in the regulation of blood volume and forms a vital part of secretions of all glands. Water as a constituent of food, is a vital element and involved in every function of the body.

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