How does the food we eat relate to world hunger

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Food can be described as a substance that is basically made up of many constituents like fats, proteins, starch, water and vitamins. Food can either be consumed through eating or drinking by the human beings and animals mainly for pleasure or nutritious purposes. Food is also consumed for the survival of the human beings since it is through eating food that one sustains his life. This is necessitated by the body mechanism where it breaks the consumed food to supply the human body with energy necessary for its survival and for carrying out all other of his daily tasks.  Food substances can be obtained from various natural sources such as animals and plants. Not all food substances are availed by animals since some bacteria and fungi are considered edible like the mushroom. (Peter 2006, 24)


Hunger can be defined as an experienced feeling which mainly causes one to desire to eat. Hunger is a sensation mostly felt when one goes for a long time without taking food. It is mainly caused by poverty whereby many families fail to afford food due to lack of monetary resources. It causes famine and starvation to the affected parties.

World hunger

World hunger refers to the hunger which has affiliated most of the countries in all parts of the world. It is mainly caused by poverty or lack of resources of the affected countries. It has caused many residents of such countries to suffer from the lack of social basic needs. World hunger has resulted to other effects like undernourished people in many parts of the world. It has also resulted to other things like increased susceptibility to diseases, weakness and stunted growth which is caused by the lack of sufficient minerals and vitamins in the diets of the affected persons.

World hunger has of much affected the countries which have high numbers of population. Many of the countries that make up the world are of middle-income which causes many of their residents to experience a small access to goods and services hence the lower living standards as compared to other countries of high-incomes. Many of the residents of these countries live below the “international poverty line” which causes them to lack access of adequate food. This cause them to be undernourished which affects them negatively on their health, rate of production, or generally their whole well-being. (Gabriel 2007, 149-168)

Effects of world hunger

There are many effects that are experienced as a result of world hunger. Among the many:-

  • there is calorie, vitamins or good nutrition deficiencies causing premature deaths and disabilities.
  • stunted growth.
  • fetal development is hindered.
  • mental retardation is evident.
  • political instability.
  • there is slow thinking.
  • there is sap energy.
  • Relationships are eroded due to hunger.
  • Diseases like diarrhea, malaria, measles, scabies, etc. (Gabriel 2007, 172-175)

 Malthusian Theory

Malthusian Theory is a theory that was put forth by Thomas Robert Malthus who was a political economist. This theory was as a result of the analysis he had made of the rate of growth of the population in relation to the available food supply. This theory was based on the fact that during the 18th century, the rate of population increase  was getting high at a very large pace, which would eventually lead to overpopulation. This caused Thomas to argue that the rate of increase of the people was faster than the available food supply whereby this would result to a crash of population due to other factors like fight, hunger, or illness.

He suggested that the only way to restrain from the results of this danger was to embark on the birth control as a moral idea to cub the rate of population increase. He had also put a suggestion that for the cub of population growth to be of success, other factors like accidents, fight, murder, plague, contraception, all forms of miseries and .............

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