How Does Technology/Smart Phones And Social Networking Sites Affect Romantic Relationships?

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How Does Technology/Smart Phones And Social Networking Sites Affect Romantic Relationships?


Electronic means of communication have redefined the way people interact with one another. Social networking, e-mail, internet forums, and instant messaging have added completely new meaning to inter-personal interaction. Similar to every other communication technology, it has been adapted into daily life and daily communication. These technologies present innovative ways for persons in search of romantic relationships to be in touch via text messaging, chat, e-mail, as well as social networks. Conversely, contemporary technologies may also bear negative effects such straining relationships as well as limited personal contact. The exposure of young people to social network sites such as MySpace, Fraudster, and Facebook is increasing, along with the likelihood for such engagement to generate problems in romantic relationships (Sudweeks 105). This paper posits to investigate how technology/smart phones and social networking sites affect romantic relationships.


Sudweeks, G. Communication, Culture, & Technology, New York: University of N.Y       Press.2002. Print.

According to Sudweeks, the negative effects demonstrated by the internet in regard to romantic relationships are demonstrated in the perception of Jewish rabbis. The rabbis in the year 2000, proclaimed a proscription of the Internet in every Jewish home. The rabbis affirmed that the internet was increasingly more hazardous than television. The television had suffered outlawing thirty years earlier. The Council described the Internet the chief genesis of temptation. This Council proclaimed the internet as a lethal poison, which obliterates the human soul. Sudweeks alleges that the rabbis judged the internet as a disgrace.

Barak, R. “Commitment vs. Anonymity: The Danger of Online Education”, Information &           Ethics 1. 2(2008): 21. Print.  

Barak asserts that, the Internet endorses western lifestyles. A greater part of the websites exhibit different characteristics of the western society whereby romantic relationships are more or less casual. This has made individuals in diverse parts of the world to identify the western nations as places of absolute freedom. This is with respect to the actuality that, in the predominantly Muslim and conservative parts of the world, romantic relationships can only be based on the cultural norms. These cultural norms are regarded as outdated by the contemporary youth.

Inglehart, R. Cultural Shift in Urbane Industrial World, N.Y: Oxford U.P. 2001. Print.

According to the Inglehart, as a result of the Internet, different less industrial countries have become vulnerable to foreign prevailing cultures. The state of affairs has over the years provoked the attention of scholars in the developing countries. The majority of these academics happen to be concerned that indigenous ways of life may be regulated. As a result, they presented proposals to respond to the apparent cultural invasion.

Lusoli, F. “Participation & Mobilization Online: Reality & Hype”, Journal of Computer-   Mediated Communication 56. 2(2009): 52. Print.

According to Lusoli, participation in online romantic relationships rarely occurs in the less affluent sections of the society. The author describes Internet access as uneven among the populace. The author alleges that Internet access is concentrated amongst young persons from the affluent sections in society.

Loumakis, D.  “Who Joins & Why? Investigation into Citizens’ Usage of the Internet”, Science    Journal 21. 1(20011): 27. Print.

According to Loumakis, the digital divide leads to a concentration of technology and smart phones in the hands of small fragments of the society. This means that people, who are inclined to pursue online romantic relationships, also possess access to contemporary technology such as smart phones. They are yet the same persons who benefit from other opportunities accessible over the Internet.

 Romantic Relationships and Technology. It is essential to investigate whether social networking sites cause romantic relationships to be detrimental. It is evident that, social networking sites facilitate persons in romantic relationships, to discover information concerning their partner. It is usually easy to evaluate what kind of person someone may be. This would be based on how the person interacts with other people through social networking sites. This is possible devoid of having any tangible, physical evidence. It is also possible for persons in romantic relationships to monitor each other, through comments, wall posts, as well as photos online. On the other hand, this scrutiny may lead to over-analysis of matters whereby matters are taken out of context. This usually results into jealousy, which may be the termination of a romantic relationship (Lusoli 52).

Little is known concerning the overlaps between the offline and online worlds. A number of scholars have investigated the links between the intrusion from social networking sites, jealousy that occurs in romantic relationships, as well as outcomes of a romantic relationship that are online based. It has become evident that intrusion from social networking sites is linked.............

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