How can Tele-care become an option of keeping people out of hospital and home cares?

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Using Tele-care as an option of keeping people out of hospitals and home cares

How can Tele-care become an option of keeping people out of hospital and home cares?


To alert support and care services to issues that relate to the existing evidence for tele-care and the role it plays towards identification of the tele-care as well as methods of investing in it and how to implement it.


Tele care is offering care of old and the less physically fit people with remote care by providing reassurance needed to enable them to continue living in their living homes. It is a technology of offering electronic monitoring via person centered technologies to ensure maximum care and support to individuals. In many countries tele-care has been applied as a practice of offering health care services at a distance. . The use of sensors is one part of the technology which helps in providing support for people who for example are suffering from illnesses like dementia or epilepsy.

Back ground information

Tele-care program was launched in august of 2006 in Scotland. It was designed to help more p older people, people with disabilities and people with mobility impairments to live in their homes for longer with safety and security through a development associated fund. In was intended to become an integrated part of the Scotland community care services (Hailey & Ohinmaa, 2004). The use of this technology reduced the rate at which people were inappropriately admitted to hospitals especially due to falls and other related accidents in their homes (Hailey & Ohinmaa, 2004). Investment and Interest in tele-care have been growing steadily over the past five years with the technology now being as a control trial in England although it is not yet a mainstream.

Research questions

In trying to understand well the research topic the following research questions shall be answered

  1. How is the tele-care program packages designed to offer a effective solution to healthcare?
  2. How does tele-care policy affect the health care systems of the community and its impact people’s lifestyles?
  3. What are the management issues that need to be exploited for the implementation of tele-care?
  4. How does tele-care impact the lifestyles of old people and people living with physical complications?

Specific objectives

  1. It is intended to offer health care solutions as well as improve safety, improve monitoring and assist in reducing  or delaying access to hospitals and care homes.
  2. To increase creativity in addressing the system and measures that can be added to the

Technology to make it more effective in terms of cost, capability to be accessed by more people and lay a platform of expansion in future.

  1. To elaborate the use of tele-care on behalf of individual consumers statewide and national level. This involves creating awareness and educating; people on the benefits of using Tele-care as an alternative method of dealing with old age and physical disabilities (Brownsell & Bradley, 2001).
  2. To increase the understanding the effect of Tele-care across the health care system as a whole. The evidence of effects of Tele-care needs to be analyzed through simulation modeling because of the time taken for systematic effects to be seen.
  3. The study was intended to explore the major factors of influence on the implementation of Tele-care by care institutions. The investigation is mainly based on extensively on four major fields which include constructs of technology, project planning, environment and organization taking into consideration their corresponding variations.

Major aims

The major aims of this research is to study how tele-care have impacted the health care department and how it has offered solutions from keeping people with physical disabilities and old age people in hospitals and its social and economical benefits to the community as a whole. In this research we will take a case study of home health care and the elderly people living in UK (Barlow & Singh, 2004). The research will also provide support and information to local practices that will lead to issues related to National Tele-care Development programs.

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