How Apple Inc became successful

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Apple Inc has turned out to be one of the most recognized companies in the high technology and computer industry. After its creation by two college dropouts (Steve jobs and Steve Wozniak) and going through leadership changes in the 1990s, Apple incorporated has emerged a top company in today’s market through advocating strong sales, innovation as well as investors profitability.

Apple computer inc. was founded by Steve Wozniak, 26 and Steve Jobs, 21 in 1976. The company was later changed to public tenure in 1980 becoming the first company to reach $1 billion annual sales of personal computer. The Macintosh personal computer was launched in 1984 with a 3 inch disk drive which was much faster than any company disk drive of the time. After the development of software that linked Macintosh with the IBM based systems, growth of Apple Inc began rapidly throughout the 1980s.

Apples success can be owed to Steve jobs’ visionary leadership. He made change the tune and infected the entire organization as well as channel partners and distribution with the vision of Apple effectively changing the way communication, music and computing could be delivered.

Change management can be described as the structured approach of transitioning organizations and individuals from a current position to a future state. Apple is a master of this concept that many organizations have failed to implement. Unlike many other organizations, apple has successfully managed to introduce new technologies and concepts as well as build a user following and acquired a complete adoption of changes. The following aspects of change have successfully demonstrated that Apple has effectively incorporated this strategy in their business which has helped the company to remain at the safe margin of competition among information and technology industry.

In 1994 Apple Inc launched a new series of computers that were based on the PowerPC processor chip. The development of this new chip was a joint undertaking between Motorola, IBM and apple computers and since the new chip was compatible with the Intel chip that was leading in the market, it was marketed as major computer technology breakthrough. If a consumer purchased emulation software, he could run both the software that was made for apple computers as well as the software developed for Intel PCs on the same apple machine. The machine became popularly known as the PC with an inbuilt free Mac. Apple computers at that time had controlled more than 9 percent of the personal computer market since the beginning of 1984 and it was recently struggling with financial issues in 2003. Apple developers hoped that its compatibility with the Intel based PC and the 86 percent share of the market would considerably have an impact on the market share (increase it) of apple computers. The results that were derived from the introduction of this newer product were contrary to the expectations of Apple. Intel was forced to slash the Pentium chips prices by forty percent due to the increase in competition from the PowerPC Chip. For this reason, Apple was not able fulfill its promise of cheaper computers. In the early 1996, the Apple Company had run into deep financial trouble. It lost more than 700 million dollars in one quarter, which is more than earnings of most businesses entire lives. The survival of the company was in great danger and business men, technology pundits and economists suffered huge losses. Computers of Apple Inc were beautiful in the classic technology logic, powerful and simple (Manjoo, 2010). Their operating system was attractive. Until today, apple computers Inc are considered to be among the innovators in the computer industries. It brought with it significant changes in the computer industry which are still evident to date.  Its products have been used as a basis of designing physical characteristics and specifications by other computer industries when manufacturing their products as at the same time serving as a meter in product design (Elkik, 1998).

In 1996 Apple introduce the next generation operating system of computers. It consisted of OPENSTEP operating system that was ported to the power Mac together with a new GUI. T.............

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