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The two hotels investigated are the Hilton Hotels and Resorts and Serena Hotels. Hilton hotels and resorts are an international chain of hotels that offer a wonderful range of guest services. With more than 540 locations in 78 countries they offer the guests the opportunity to select their most favourable location. Together with that they provide transport services to the guests to the desired location. The hotels have a range of activities on any location since they are spread across all the time zones and different climate zones. They have innovative dining options as well as thoughtful facilities. On the other hand Serena Hotels is not as widely spread out but it has with it unique services for the guests. They first and foremost offer the guests an interactive guest book that allows the guests to access information about the hotel. They have dedicated Serena TV channels, and other activities such as safaris and a travellers gold list indicating the 510 best places to visit on earth.

Tour Desk

A tour desk in a medium or large hotel will serve the purpose of ensuring that the guests in the hotel are provided with tour services and connected to tour agencies that will provide tour services for the guests. Every hotel seeking to increase its sales and popularity must have a tour desk that is fully equipped and functional and that is well staffed. The tour desk needs to have information on all the tour agencies within reach and their contacts. This information can be availed on brochures displayed at the tour desk. The desk should also ensure that they have a program of the available tours and their timing in the event that the guests desire to go on a tour; they need to have sufficient choices to select from.

Another important resource on the tour desk is the human resource. The desk should be staffed with qualified well informed personnel who can efficiently help the guests to know the local tour agencies. The staff should also have the capacity to help the guests make their decision of which tour to take depending on their tastes and preferences. The staff also connects the different guests with the tour agencies. In most high end hotels, agents from the tour agencies are allowed to have their own desk under the tour desk to provide the needed assistance and information. This is efficient as it saves time and provides more accurate information.

Activities for the guests   

A 150 room resort hotel located in the tropical seaside has limitless possibilities when.............

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