Homework five (temperature precipitation summary for the UK.

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Temperature is a characteristic of matter that is used to describe how hot or cold a place or organism is. It is measured in terms of degrees Celsius or degrees centigrade. Precipitation can occur in many forms that include: rain mist snow among others. (Chang Hasok, 2004).

Temperature is the hotness or coldness of an area it is affected by an array of factors that include, latitude, and distance from the sea among other. Areas that are near or closest to the equator always have higher temperatures than those away from the equator. The town from which we acquired the data might be close to the equator as the temperatures are generally high. This is because the sun is seen for almost twelve hours a day for the whole year round. Another factor is the distance from the sea. The areas that are closer to the sea are usually noticeably hotter than the areas away form the sea (The Weather World 2010 Project, 2010).

Additionally areas that are in mountainous areas are of low temperatures as they are always covered in snow throughout the year and generally tend to be colder than areas of lower altitude, more so if one applies the principle of clouds being made of moisture from evaporated moisture. It was also worth noting that similar to most parts of the world, winter usually comes around between April and August.

The precipitation profile of this city is generally high during the times when the temperatures are high as compared to the cooler months. Some of the factors that might be affecting this include; latitude, global and large scale currents that blow from the seas around. The precipitation is unevenly distributed throughout the year. (Michael Ritter, 2008).

The pattern of minimum and maximum temperatures in this city is fluctuating throughout the year with the highest in between June and august and lowest in lowest in September. The differences in the high and low temperatures are uneven throughout the year .they don’t follow the same trend. The factor that could be influ.............

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