harmful effects of cancer

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harmful effects of cancer

There are over 200 types of cancer that can start in any type of body tissue. Most of the cancers are normally related to lifestyle, environmental and behavioral exposures. Everyone is at risk of developing cancer and there are some risk factors that increase chances of development of abnormal cells. The risk factors include carcinogens which are a class of substances that are responsible for destroying DNA, aiding or promoting cancer. Some of the common carcinogens are tobacco, radiation like x-rays, arsenic, asbestos, compounds released from car exhaust fumes (Bozzone, 2007). Another risk factor is inherited genes in a family. Cancer can be caused by genetic predisposition that is inherited by a family member. It is possible for one to be born with genetic mutations or faulty genes that increase the likelihood of developing cancer. Another risk factor is age, as people grow older, the number of possible cancer-causing mutations within the DNA increase. Another cause of cancer is immune system whereby individuals who have a problem with their immune system become susceptible to get cancer (Bozzone, 2007).

Carcinogens have a harmful effect on the body because they directly affect the cells. Carcinogens easily damage the genome in cells or even disrupt the cellular metabolic processes. They act on the DNA leading to dangerous changes or increase the rate of cell division. The change I rates of cell division results to changes in the DNA in the body. Common signs and symptoms of cancer include development of lumps that get big with time and cause discomfort. Another sign is coughing or feeling breathless for over three weeks. There are changes in bowel movements that are signs of cancer such as presence of blood in.............

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