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Institution of Learning


Groupware is a program which assists people to collectively work together, while they are actually located at different places. It means that it gives people who are far away from one another an opportunity to work on a similar project regardless of their physical locations (Wilson, 2001).


Groupware is preferred because of the following merits:

  1. It provides structures which enable members to view the purpose, goals and set up schedules. This gives them a chance to acquire information, compare notes and exchange ideas.
  2. It fosters creativity amongst the users. This enables members to come up with different ideas which can then be used to improve the project they work on.
  • It helps to facilitate communication amongst all the involved members. This can be achieved through the use of messages and chats. Through such means of communication, the members can discuss certain issues before coming to an agreed conclusion.


The operations of this program have been consi.............

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