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Government Information

The president uses legislative, cabinet and judicial systems to achieve his goals in leadership for national development. Congressmen have the role of expressing views on the leadership of the president. For example, recent action of congressmen was an expression of the president in holding Russian Federation accountable for breaching obligations under the Nuclear Forces Treaty. The president has a tracking system of accessing the congressmen actions and the proposals. The United States Congress has the role of formulating bills and resolutions that the president must approve before converting them into laws. The opinions of congress works for the president making him achieve his goals.

Rule of Four in US Supreme Courts allow four judges in hearing a case for acceptance on appeal. Supreme Court has an option of writing a writ of certiorari if they think the case is worth of Court’s time. A writ of certiorari allows the low¬† powerful courts submit the case files in Supreme Court for case hearing. Rule of Four is facing challenges since it leads to either hearing the case or losing it on the existence of a tie. Congressmen have the mandate of formulating the actions and activities of the Rule of Four.

It is essential to review cases. Some cases do not receive justice at the less judiciary courts hence requires further elaboration of the laws and rightful justice. For example, a case of Wood V. Moss: Inside the case requires certiorari grant for hearing in Supreme Court on the rights of protestor and immunity of government officials. The case on Barnes v. Glen Theater does not require certiorari grant since it deals with arguments on stopping the play.

The Town of Greece v. Galloway case does not need certiorari grant since it deals with high school students on airing a program. The lower courts .............

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