Funding and empowering college students through loans

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Project Proposals

Project: Funding and empowering college students through loans to minimize level of dependency, enhance creativity and self-employment.

Project objective: Students union will hold campaigns, donations and fundraisers through organizing various competitions such as soccer games, dramas and singing competitions within the college and in various places at a cost of $2000 and estimated revenue of $10,000 collected as ticket fees. Most students find it had acquiring jobs immediately after graduation while others have more than enough responsibilities or financial desires that parents funding alone cannot help.

In order to solve financial inadequacy and generally boost the country’s economy, empowering college students remains an important issue that needs to be addressed. Every student experiencing financial difficulty should be given an opportunity to engage in business and activities that not only ensures financial dependency but also encourage innovativeness amongst students. Some students have great ideas but they are not empowered both financially and economically and therefore this project is meant to address such kind of challenges.

Business case: Generally this project will minimize financial and emotional challenges affecting many college students by offering appropriate support and advice on how to undertake various projects they are intending o. Also, this project will lower high level of dependency in many families thus relieving parents of financial distress by focusing on other things other providing pocket money and other financial assistance to their children. This project will also see most students engaging in business they love or ideas they are interested or specialized in. In addition, the project would minimize stress and tensions related to college students regarding possibility of not getting jobs as soon as they graduate and desire to be independent when it comes to financial decision making processes.

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