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FINDINGS AND DATA ANALYSIS. What role do the social enterprises play in our society and what are the challenges faced by the social organizations as they strive to achieve their goals, vision, aims and objectives.

This research was done with an aim of addressing certain issues and challages pertaining the running of social enterprices. Throughout the study, the main question of the study have been: What role do the social enterprises play in our society and what are the challenges faced by the social organizations as they strive to achieve their goals, vision, aims and objectives? In order to answer this question, the research started by trying to first know more about the social enterprises through doing a literature review. During the literature review process the main objectives of the study was to identify the roles of the social enterprises, the problems and challenges the social enterprises face while trying to achieve their set mission or objectives as well as establishing the impacts of the environment and government policies on the performance of the social enterprises.

In order to be able to get a good insight on the roles, challenges and imp-acts of government and the environment on the social enterprises, a qualitative analysis was employed and five main questions were sent to the participating organizations. We also used both the exploratory and confirmatory research designs. During the exploratory research stage, various information concerning the roles, challages and impact of government and the environment was gotten. The study then went on to use the qualitative analysis to get the confirmatory findings. During the discussion section, the study will focus on linking the findings from the various organizations that took part in the study with the information that had been gotten earlier in the exploratory stage or during the literature review.

Over the years, the development of social enterprises have been on the rise globally. Most of the social enterprises are aimed at benefiting various minority or vulnerable persons within the community. During the literature review, it was found that most organizations are involved in promoting social services such as housing, women rights, education, group rights eg women rights and youth rights and promoting activities such as cultural activities. In a broader aspect, most social enterprises were seen to be promoting community development (Nyssens, Johnson & Adam, 2006). During the interviews, the study sort to first establish the beneficiaries of the four organisations as well the area of work and the objectives of the organisations was being investigated. The first question though broad and with four subsections were aimed at establishing the roles, the scope, and the beneficiaries of social enterprises interviewed. The four enterprises that were interviewed had results corresponding to the literature review finding. All the four organisations had a role to play in helping the vulnerable and less fortunate groups within the society.  The targeted groups were children and the young (by organisation A, B and D) and the homeless by organisation B C and D. The only organisation not to have exclusively targeted the vulnerable and the less fortunate in the society was organisation A. Besides targeting the youths, the organisation also targeted Scitish creative talent. Their main aim was to provide marketing services and blostering marketing channels for the organisations. The organisation just like the other three organisation targeted community development. While the three other organisation were in one way or the other involved in providing housing, organisation A was not in any way concerned with housing. It was involved in creation of employment to the young people and also creating marketing channels for makers of Scottish creative arts.  Organisation B was also involved in education the young children as well as providing clothing for the children. Answers to the first question and the subsequent questions related to these main questions shows that all the four organisations were in one way involved in community development. These findings are common with the findings of Prince (2009) which indicates that most organisations were set up with the objectives being community development.  Others like organisation a have been set up to conserve national heritage and culture (Nyssens, Johnson & Adam, 2006).

The second question  sought to establish the challenges faced by the social enterprises. This question was general and was seeking to identify all the main challenges related to the specific social organisations. During the literature review, it was noted that some of the challages that socia.............

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