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According to Leslie T, Chang the author of the book, factory girls the so called “Floating population” are the workers from the villagers who have no skills in any work and have come to the city where they are discriminated upon by their employers. The reason for such mass movement by many young people from the rural areas to the urban town is jobs. The villages around Dongguan do not offer any meaningful employment for the young men. Another reason for the migration is poverty thus many tend to move in to Dongguan in order to get some money and improve both their lives and the lives of their close relatives. There are also some people who have moved in to urban centers as a result of seeing other people succeed in the towns thus making the move to also try their luck.

According to the book Don Guan’s main characteristics is that the city is polluted, chaotic, and above all corrupt. It is a place where any new person arriving from the villages can doubleor even triple their income by simply learning English and taking some computer lessons. The city is also a major black spot for fake documents from fake Identification cards, and even driving license.

The life of the factory girls can be referred to as difficult they have to do whatever it is they can within their power to ensure that they are able to survive in the city, even if it means lying. The factory girls just like many other migrants who move to town enjoy some time out partying in clubs thus in some aspe.............

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