Experience essays

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Experience essays

The paper presents synthesis of two essays; the school days of an Indian girl and College in New York with the major reading being the day the narrator set out to go to College in New York. The experiences and challenges faced by the authors in their new environment are very horrible however; they ultimately attain self-realization or overcome them. In the beginning, the narrator while headed to College in New York seems to be carried away by every bit of the thought of the experiences she would encounter. The experience is vividly captured when she says that she felt like a pilgrim set to find New World. The same case applies to the narrator in the school days of an Indian girl who like the other is much excited to journey to their new home.  Their levels of anticipation of the goodies in the journey and experiences are quite high as evidenced by their unsettled manner in both stories. Such an experience is real especially when travelling or visiting a place for the first time. The expectations are high, and the experiences normally are anticipated to be awesome.

However, the experiences turn out to be horrific upon the commencement of the journey to the new places for both narrators. The narrator in the first story is disturbed by the manner in which they are scrutinized along their way to Red Apple Country. Both the journeys are tiresome as they take a long time with the second narrator travelling for a whole night.

Upon reaching destinations, the experiences seem to be very nasty but worth taking as they had no choice. The new environments are very much different with the second narrator saying that New York was quiet, with no much hustle and bustle on the streets. The thought of the new environment and the whole experience in New York seems to excite the narrator. However, the Indian girl seems to be very perturbed with her new environment, and the experience made her worried. The narrator in the first story captures that even though there was cold from the ice, she was trembled by fear. The experience is quite same even in real life situations, whereby individuals are always scared of their new environments especially when they have little information about their new homes.

Additionally, the first encounters with friends in the foreign lands seem to be annoying in both cases. For instance, the narrator in the first story remembers being gripped by two firm hands of a woman who had paleface. The narrator finds herself in a confused situation being handled in a manner that frightened her. She could not imagine this handling and could not even relate to the way her mother treated her or even handled her.  However, the second narrator finds ambience l environment in her college. She sees a people joyous and describes them as people who looked settled to the world that they were born. The g.............

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