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Essay questions



  1. Whatled to theemergence of an American middleclass? Howdidthestructureandnature of thefamilychange with thisemergence?

The following essay focuses on explaining the factors that gave rise to the emergence of the American middle class. It is also going to explain the manner in which the emergence of middle class affected the structure as well as the nature of family in the United States of America.

The American middle class exists as a social class that is found in the United States. Concerning the model used, this class is usually constituted anywhere from 30% to 60% of households (Faragher et al., 2005). The members of the American middle class come from diverse groups that often overlap with each other. They are characterized by the fact that they conceptualize, consult and create. This shows that the primary composition of the middle class has gone to college, acquired knowledge in diverse fields. The middle class can be said to have emerged as a result of growth of the American economy as well as the development of industries. In this case, this is a class of people in the society that emerged due to the jobs that they were offered.

The emergence of the middle class had a lot of influence on the structure and the nature of the family. Firstly, the standards of living of these families improved. This is because the members of this class acquired decent jobs that paid handsomely. Therefore, their families could not rely on the government for basic needs. They even had the cash to spare and spend on luxuries (Faragher et al., 2005). Secondly, the structure of the family changed by the fact that there were divisions amongst people. When one graduated from the small class to the middle class, the manner in which they carried out duties changed, and they were thus separated from their mates in the low class.

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