Electricity and Magnetism

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Electricity and Magnetism

Electricity and magnetism are two extensively exciting topics in the world of physics. The two revolve around great names in history such as William Gilbert, Stephen Gray, and Benjamin Franklin, whose contributions have highly been appraised in the world of physics. The two topics relate in various ways best proved via theories and clarified by experiments. Each of the aforementioned individuals made formidable discoveries that gave way to some of the most used elements of physics.

William Gilbert, nicknamed as the father of electricity and magnetism, was the accredited founder of the term electricity. He coined the term from the Greek word amber, which from his time gained a worldwide recognition. His passion for electricity started with his interest in magnets, which led him to research and explain how the magnetic compass worked. William believed and recorded that electricity had an attraction that disappeared in the form of heat. Stephen Gray was another icon in the world of electricity with his crucial discovery. Gray was an active researcher who was determined to find out how various objects, including the human body, could be electrified and retain electricity. Thus, he discovered that insulation was a crucial aspect when it came to retaining electricity. In addition, he unraveled that electricity could pass through a fluid such as water. As such, this explains the huge loss of charge from electrified bodies whilst under humid environments. Atop that, he also determined that close objects from the source of electricity could be electrified while those at a distant could not. He also discovered that the earth was an element in his experiments that could conduct electricity away from electrified bodies.

The famous kite experiment executed by Benjamin Franklin indeed was dangerous, but its results had a tremendous discovery concerning electricity. Benjamin worked on the experiment guided by a hypothesis that electricity sourced from lightening was transferable. His kite had.............

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