Effective Business Writing

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Effective Business Writing

When running a business, one must make sure that communications between the business owner and the customers is comprehensive and effective. There are various factors which must be considered when making communications in writing. This includes making sure that all the objectives of a particular communication are met (MacLennan 60). One must also be aware of the presentation of the writing. The writing should be legible, and understandable at a glance. This means that the audience should know what the writing is all about with a simple glance. There are various other factors involved in business writing which are summed up below.

  1. Content

The content of the communication must be sensible and easy to understand. The content part of the business communication a very important component of the process. The content should be free of jargon and should be understood by the layman. All the points that should be communicated should be included. The most important points should appear first while less important points should follow.

  1. Up & Left

The most important information on the text should appear at the top and left side. This includes the details of whom the communication is addressed to and who the issuer of the information is. Details include the name and date.

  • Navigability

There should be a sense of organization in the writing. It should be easy to tell between the main heading and subsequent sub-headings (Piotrowski 8-74). This means that the reader should be able to:

  • Move to sections with distinctly new information from previous sections.
  • Pick out the salient points from h.............

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