Each university should have a student body

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Each university should have a student body to govern and assist in the affairs of its students. As much as these university student bodies are headed by students in most parts of the world, the university administration has no power to interfere with its affairs, leaving it with only advisory and liaison powers. Many universities allow these student bodies to have democratically elected officials but the whole process is only monitored and facilitated where possible according to the party’s respective constitutions. Student bodies also demonstrate a willingness to fight for justice when they feel a student is treated unjustly by the university administration, outsiders and even within themselves. In so doing, university administrations usually have the role of cooperating and aren’t allowed to overrule in such situations.

All universities have faculties to assist in the administration of various disciplines presently taught in them. However powerful the university administration is, it is always limited to an administrative and monitoring role when dealing with faculties. Faculties are directly or indirectly answerable to the senate but the senate always maintains its distance when faculties execute internal operations, such as faculty meetings, where most senates only have silent representation. In addressing its needs, faculties are supposed to liaise with the university administration, where the prepared requirements, such as annual budget, are presented. It should also be noted that in preparing sensitive plans, such as strategic budget, the university is usually limited to a role of auditing and authorizing. Most universities faculties again are sub-divided into departments, which are directly answerable to them. This shows another level at which university administrations are limited in that they have to go through the respec.............

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