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Three Monkeys

 Identification of Relevant Online Consumer Behavior

The world of business has experienced massive changes in terms of consumer preferences hence displayed consumer behavior. Since the discovery of the efficiency of information, communication and technology innovations in e-commerce and other related interactions, these two fields have become almost inseparable. Despite the presence of mixed fortunes in various industries regarding relative receptivity to online markets, it is impossible for modern business to contemplate expansion and sustainability without e-commerce. Among the most sensitive industries in terms of consumer behavior, the food industry ranks among the most affected. In line with the most basic tenets of e-commerce, e-marketing becomes an important area of consideration for the entrants of this field of making market presence be felt across the various market segments (Ferrell and Pride, 2011).

In view of the appropriate realignment to deal with e-commerce at Three Monkeys, the management will have to assess the relevant market in the Brisbane, in the country, in the Pacific region and perhaps across the continent and beyond (lonelyplanet.com, 2011). This will facilitate in the development of the market profiling regarding the food consumers in the relevant market. Towards the establishment of the appropriate consumer behavior with regard to online transactions, it is important to identify the indicators of the appropriate market trends towards e-commerce. As indicated, internal overview of the market in line with the regional picture will be used to project the expected outcomes of Three Monkeys adopting the e-marketing platform.

In general, the food market across the globe has significantly changed due to shopping preferences where consumers perform other transaction on the online platform than ever before. Due to changes in preferences for shopping for other products, food outlets have found an easy market from the shoppers who search for their products of choice on the internet. In Asia for instance in the populous India, it has been reported that changes in consumer behaviors particularly in shopping illustrate an increase in e-commerce for the food industry (Gupta, 2009). Across the Pacific region, there are reports of increased preference for online transactions which make the food industry among the most likely destination for online shoppers (fortunecity.com, n.d). Alternatively, there is need of instant service across the global market as consumers want to adopt the cheaper method of shopping for products at the comfort of their homes and offices. Due to this, the fast foods industry has increasingly become popular in the food market. To this end, making it even easier for consumers to obtain relevant information about their food products of choice online is a successful venture for food industry (Hirekenchanagoudar, 2008). This trend has been among the strengths at world food giants, McDonalds who also provide free internet services at their outlets for the internet crazy consumers frequenting them.

Based on studies on consumer behavior and market trends in terms of marketing, there is an increasing demand for online presence by marketers who want to capitalize on the readily emerging online market. In terms of the consumer behavior, there is an increased attraction for popular eating centers across the Pacific which can be utilized to capture consumer behavior for the benefit of the Three Monkeys’ e-marketing strategy (Fallah, 2006). As an illustration, there are indications that food consumers can stick to one outlet for purposes of identifying with the popularity of the outlet regardless of the quality. This behavior presents Three Monkeys wit.............

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