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Implementation of the Decision Support Systems in running of organizational management needs will target specific problems in order to increase efficiency and eliminate poor performance. The most important elements of the DSS that every management setting aims to achieve are mainly driven by the need to remain vigilant on quality service delivery as well as cost benefit analysis results. While profitability may not be a reason good enough to facilitate appropriate performance reviews, certain industries must represent quality service delivery in their effective decision making processes. One of such industries is the healthcare industry whose sensitive interaction with human life dictates focus on quality ahead of profitability (Malhotra, 1989). It is imperative therefore that the effective DSS in such industries include some of the most important healthcare issues on the system blueprint to assist in tackling both quality and profitability in a single agenda. Patients’ needs are important in the system as human resource needs encompassed under the DSS. Some of the problems that will be targeted in the designed DSS will include various departmental issues that need management input in different respects such as;

  • Management of patients’ health records in terms of entry and retrieval
  • Provide an efficient patient progress tracking procedures
  • Consolidation of various facilities under the institution’s capacity for enhancement and elimination of idle capacity
  • Following up specific patient care through real time caregiver’s activities tracking systems
  • Collection of patients’ satisfaction scores for application in performance enhancement through efficient customer experience backed service delivery reviews
  • Assist in control and management of staffing needs through staff monitoring data
  • Drugs and equipment procurement management systems
  • Facility administration and related allocation and delegation of responsibilities to track performance
  • Human resource monitoring, performance appraisal and motivation management


  1. Build: Describe the major steps in developing the DSS and define the various types of testing the DSS will need before implementing the prototype


Initial stages of the building process of a customized DSS will involve the internalization of the organization needs and outline in the basic structure. This will include determining the needs of the organizational decision making process and integrate them in the structural component of the DSS. The organizational and management structural designs will be dissected for integration in the DSS structural design to make it compatible with the computer based system. Various management areas that require focus and input through the decision making highlight will be pointed out and roles attached for enhancement through DSS (Dahm and Wadensten, 2008). Functional units of the entire organization will also be pointed out for easier monitoring via the computer system.

Using this functional and structural integration, it will be easy for the DSS to pick up various decisions making needs and prompt the management to act on a number of options that the system has. This will be the case for patient care processes, employees monitoring and welfare needs as well as the facility control and management decision making inputs. Connecting all the decision making needs to a central detection system will facilitate the building phase to be completed.


Testing the workability of the DSS will include various phases of implementation to avoid a system failure or clash disabling the operations of the entire organization. The three basic areas of input will be implemented and tested differently while the current management systems are still in place. Once the desired results are received, the new system will be full implemented and the ineffective system laid aside. Performance efficiency in coverage of the important input areas will be compared between the current system and the new DSS application.

Buy: Define the type of DSS you will buy and describe the major steps and crit.............

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