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The data collected was analyzed the challenges experienced in the field of education. An insight into the kind of changes that should be made is thus comprehended. Through the interviews, there was the chance of gauging the emotional validation of the questions. This assisted in assessing the level and magnitude of concern. The emotional validation of the research really proved relevant in the process.

Education holdsĀ  a significant position in the creation and development of a country. Considering that the process prepares students for the future, it should be handled with great care and sobriety.

The research that entailed comprehensively covered the challenges experienced by learners in education. Some of the projections of the data collected only illuminated some the problems too well known in the field. For instance, the teacher monotony that has always killed the students’ interests in learning is one that has plagued the sector for too long. Student engagement is notĀ  only minimized through such as the large student-teacher ratio also affects the same.

Not all problems experienced in the sector arise from generalized factors as some are personal. The curricular should thus be modified to put into consideration all of the matters that affect the learning of all students. Inability to deliver assignment in time for instance, should involve the inquisition into the factors that resulted in the same. clarification of all student failures as incompetence without putting into all the factors that affect them only demoralizes them.

Considerably, the process of education should train students, but mould them into well rounded individuals capable of handling almost every challenge experienced in life. As such, a well taught student should e equipped with information in various fields, the necessity of the minors.

In summation, the process of education is entangled with so many inconveniences that need to be changed. The process is so much challenging even from the very start and basics that include registration and introduction. Making the process simple would not only improve the student interests, but also boost the level of education.

Considering the interests of the participants views and interests, the system should be formally improved to be inclusive. However, some of the challenges require a system over whole. For instance, training of aging teachers and professors on new teaching methods would be expensive and time consuming. The results are not even guaranteed to be positive. As such, more teachers should be engaged to provide a variety and make the students generally satisfied.

Not every need and demand can be satisfied.............

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