Discussion questions

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Discussion questions



Discussion questions

Question 1

The respondeat superior is a legal doctrine supported by both common and civil law. The doctrine dictates that the employer or the principal is responsible for the actions of the agent or the employee during the course of his employment. The employer is in charge of controlling the employees, actions, time and behavior during the employment. Therefore, the employer has the right to enjoy the positive outcome of the employee’s actions and behavior as profit but at the same time he should be ready to embrace the negative results of these actions. However, the employee may be held responsible for his or her own actions if the injuries or negative act was committed outside his line of duty or it was as a result of a personal motive and benefit. The party charged with the responsibility of showering the blame either employer or the employee is expected to compensate the injured [person in full. In most cases the employer pays the compensation since the employee may lack the funds required. At times the ethical obligation relating to this doctrine demand that the employer to compensate the injured party in full even in the expense of business revenue because in most instance the damage is on another company employee or a customer.

Question 2

There are multiple types of business, partnerships, sole proprietor, and companies. Most of these types begin for the purpose of making profit. However, there are multiple other businesses which do not concentrate on the ability to make profit or increase their profit margins. Non profit businesses do not are exempted from tax obligations under Internal Revenue Services. There are five main categories of non-profit businesses which include: charitable, public safety, sports, scientific and literary. These categories form the main reason for starting and operating the business where by the charitable businesses focus on public charities such as offering support to churches, hospital, schools and minorities in the society. The other categories of non profit assist in improving the society in their selected fields through funding, research and educating the public. However, institutions such as hospitals are expected ethically to be purely non profit businesses as well as other businesses began as non profit.............

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