CRJ Seminar Discussion

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CRJ Seminar Discussion

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This paper discusses the positive elements and the negative elements in criminal justice seminar lead discussions. It further discusses the various ways of curbing the negative elements that hardly work. The research focuses on common challenges facing the criminal justice systems of participating states and share the solution and experience from their jurisdiction.

During the seminar, one of the things found to work was the importance of the institutional relationship in ensuring human rights and fairness of criminal proceeding. The seminar examined the interaction between the different parts of the criminal justice system corresponding to the four key criminal justice institutions: the prosecutor, police, defence law, and the judiciary (Fletcher, 1998). It was established that each working group considered issues related to the functions of that particular institution but did so in context of the entire system. Another positive element that was identified was the co-operation and exchange of best practises between the participating States, which is essential in preventing erosion of fair trial standard, and promoting appropriate institutional and legislative reforms (Fletcher, 1998). Negative element identified in the seminar discussion was the assumption of powers that should belong to the judiciary by prosecutors (Cohen, 2011). Some countries still allow prosecutors rather than the judge to authorize arrest and deten.............

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