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Blog 1:

Question 1:

ICT is an essential requirement for effective blogging. Teachers need ICT skills to be able to undertake blogging as well as derive any benefits from it. In particular, ICT skills enable teachers to make personal contributions to educative blogs, establish networks with other professionals and create and develop viable learning forums. Andrews (2004) affirms that undertaking of the preceding tasks requires ICT competence.

Question 2:

I think teachers who are willing to blog do not necessarily have a background in ICT. However, this background is imperative for effective functioning. In other words, teachers would benefit more from blogging if they had ICT skills (Andrews, 2004). Nonetheless, current trends indicate that teachers with background knowledge in ICT also participate in blogging. Compared to those with lack of ICT skills, those with relevant ICT skills exhibit a higher degree of willingness.

Question 3:     

I think blogging has the capacity to improve teacher performance and duties in the classrooms. According to Solomon and Schrum (2007), blogging allows teachers to share information with other professionals. It is also one of the most ideal forms of communication with students in the current era. Using blogs, teachers can respond to student concerns in a timely manner and effective manner. This aids in improvement of performance of both the teachers and students.

Question 4:

The benefits blogging for teachers include the ability to carry out learning at any place and time, enhancement of active learning due to the fact that students have a chance to make contributions accordingly and improvement of the quality of the learning process through encouragement of self reflection. The disadvantage of blogging is that its subjective comments regarding personal reflections can influence decision making of other participants.

Question 5:     

From an individual point of view, the blogger needs to be given more factual statistics than what has been included in the current information. This will go a long way in accrediting or validating the mentioned concerns.

Blog 2:

Question 1:     

I think the invasion of ICT will be instrumental in reforming education in different ways. To begin with, ICT will expose the educators to resourceful information that will alter the content of curriculums. Teachers are likely to improve their performance and overall output because they would use ICT to reach out to students with versatile abilities. Using ICT, teachers would be able to communicate better with students through e-mail as well as enhance creative and critical thinking skills that are essential for effective learning. In this regard, students would be allowed to use their creativity to search and use vital information rather than depend solely on lectures for this.

Question 2:

Providing teachers with ICT related professional development workshops would play a leading role in reforming the educational process because this would alter attitudes and ultimately practices. In this regard, it is worth appreciating the capacity building and awareness creation aids in modification of attitudes and assumption of ideal practices. The expected education reforms would even be more drastic because of ICT.

Question 3:       

With regards to what is highlighted in yellow, it is true that technology can be counterproductive if used inappropriately. Care should be undertaken to ensure that it does not compromise the quality of education. With reference to what is highlighted in light green, flexibility and modification of the learning process instills creativity and critical thinking skills in the students (November, 2008).

 Question 4:        

Technology in the learning environment is fundamental for enhancement of the quality of education. However, attainment of this desirable status is largely depended on the users. Te.............

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