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The paper deals with sociological aspects of crime and its general impacts in society. `Definition of crime according to sociology and its effects in society is discussed in general. There are several sociological concepts of crime and criminal behavior and deviance is presented in society. Concepts of crime are sociologically discussed in depth from functionalism, conflict, interactions, feminism and the postmodern models perspectives.

  1. Specific hypothesis

In order to do this, specific hypotheses and guidelines must be sought and addressed. These are assumptions made to ascertain certain causes and relations of crime and society. Trends in crime rates and occurrences are also sought to be established. Why are there more prevalent criminal gangs in towns and leading urban areas than in other areas? Why are criminal gangs concentrated in slums and other areas as compared to other areas? Other trends also seek to establish why crimes are committed at night than during daytime.  Sociological crime hypotheses seek to establish all this. These hypotheses must be searched and tested to complete thesis. The independent and dependent variable must be established in order interlink the connection between the research study and a concise understanding of the issue.

  1. Applicable sociological concepts

Sociological concepts of crime indicate the essence of using theories to enhance the research project. The theory of conflict is much advanced, and it will be used in this case. Conflict in society leads to crimes and prevalent crime rates. In order to pre-exist harmoniously, the society has rules and standards that need to be followed. Deviation from the set out norms and rules leads to crime and deviance. In many urban areas, particularly slums there tends to be a consistent trend due to lack of proper law and order. Crimes vary from society to society. The society and its existing laws define a crime. All crimes are regulated and punishable by law.

Crime and conflict in society arises from the justice and the inequality point of view. Whenever there is, a system of social and wealth inequality in society there arises the conflict that can only be suppressed through criminal acts. Majority of the crimes in society arises because of economic problems. Whenever there is a conflict in the scramble of resources and means of production, the aggrieved party tries to settle the conflict through crimes. Conflicts occur because of dissatisfaction with class, age, gender, ethnicity and geographical locations.

  1. Practical implications of crime

Crimes and criminal acts have many negative implications to the individual criminal, the public and the society in general. In most .............

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