Components of a Copyright document

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Components of a Copyright document



A copyright document grants the exclusive right of publishing and selling musical or literary work by any individual in a given country. Copyrights differ in lengths with respect to the existing jurisdictions. The difference in lengths of copyrights is affected by factors such as work type and the publication status (published/published). It could also be affected by whether published by a given individual or perhaps a corporation. Copyrights periods can be adjusted by legislation if such legislations allow such provision (Henley, 2001). In other cases, copyright terms curtailing from their current lengths is evident. This has been done without any appeal to the probably increased enthusiasm in engaging the movements of creating new works by the authors or creator whose copyright would run out.

Some creative works and publication have lengthy copyright terms with the default copyright time of an author being set as the author’s lifespan with an additional period of fifty to seventy years. This is the case in most parts of the world. In countries such as the US and the UK, a copyright term for any existing works is fixed after publication. It is then bound to expire after a set period, usually at the end of the fixed calendar year. While jurisdictions have been strict on copyright terms, some authors/creators have been demanding for the extension of their copyright terms in order to create more works. This has been difficult since curtailing for such terms exists in most countries. This could even start with the public like a case of Mark Helprin (Lang, 2009).

The law covering copyrights is seen as unjust by some individuals (Lessig, 2009). Lessig (2009) says that there has to be something that is fundamentally unjust as far as the copyright law is concerned. The law is said to protect individuals’ ordinary properties for an unlimited period. This is however not provided for whenever it comes to copyright protection terms (Lessig, 2009). It is after the expiry time of such works that the public can manipulate it in their own way with limited control by the author or creator. The root to this is a major demoralizing factor to many authors and aspiring artists. If at all their work could be protected by the law just like any other ordinary property, things could be better for them.

While most author want their publications to remain under their control forever, their dreams seem to be infeasible. The infeasibility in achieving such unlimited protection however seems to be unfair in the real world especially after considering all difficulties an author or artist has to go through before creating substance in their piece of work. Unlike any other property such as houses, cars and businesses, author’s work may not be covered for protect for an equal period despite hardships like paying of taxes and creativity (Helprin, 2007). It is argued in the same that copyright terms should be protected like any other property or businesses in the real world circumstances. Copyrights according to Helprin (2007) should not be subjected to confiscation but forever be protected by the government and the law. Like any person’s wealth and possession, copyrights need allowance of flowing from a given generation to the proceeding generations.

In some cases, some work creators feel unprotected at all. The US law provides no copyright protection for useful work. This is evident in the fashion industry whereby it protects logos, brand name, fashion houses and fabric print but fail to protect the fashion itself (Eguchi, 2012). This case could appear consoling sentiment to the people advocating for an unlimited time for their copyright terms. The mystery to many creators is where the great pro.............

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