Communication Strategies

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Communication Strategies

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Communication Strategies


Modern media have spread its wings beyond the ordinary and previously all-conquering television and radio (Perkins, 2008). It has also exceeded the limits of advertisement and newspaper (Guffey & Loewy, 2013). The modern media have enabled the electronic sharing and disbursement of information a lot more incorporated into the lifestyle and all operations (Ober, 2008).

The Positives of Electronic Media in Business Communication

Faster Information

Flow of information facilitated by the electronic media has become a lot quicker and can be achieved at the touch of a button. Printing and mailing that used to mark official communication in business has hence been replaced. Previously, to disburse information required complicated procedurals that involved signing, copying, and even the durable mailing. The forms of communication have not been entirely replaced, however, as they are sometimes used as follow-up, or in situations that do not express high urgency (Wrench, 2013).
Digital media have even made advertisement easier. For instance, uploaded video or advertisement in the social media could be viraled with limited durations (Perkins, 2008).

Greater Reach

The digital media have made accessibility to customers and clients a lot easier. The social media specifically have been an easy spot to get clients. Shared posts are hence delivered and spread through the chains of relationships that mark the social trends.
Clients also have a greater tendency to tendency to express dissatisfaction or awe on services provided by companies or their goods. As such, assessing of customer reception of the product is easier through corporation with the servers (Ober, 2008).


To efficiently use the modern media, there is a need to be in possession of modern technology. The technology increases the value of the business in terms of the assets owned (Guffey & Loewy, 2013). For instance, possession of several laptops and i-pads would significantly increase the total value of the property owned by a company/ business (Wrench, 2013).


The modern electronic technology and media have given businesses options when it comes the choice of the medium of conveyance of information service delivery. Significantly, the companies/ businesses are at liberty to choose the technology that best suits their systems of operation or that best satisfies their clients (Ober, 2008).
Mixed media can be used to appeal to a larger audience of consumers with different tastes.

Negative Effects of the Electronic Media


It has proven costly to keep up with the ever-changing trends of the modern communication technology. The competitive nature of the business of media and techniques has led to revolutionizing of the technology. The best and most trendy of the media technology come at high costs, yet it is through the expensive media that the businesses can reach a mass base of clients. An instance in which case technology has revolutionized from the mobile phone, now branded essential, to smartphones and with the eventuality on the i-pads. Very soon, even the most modern and trendy adoptions will get overtaken by time (Ober, 2008).
The media have also taken the cost of advertisement up as to reach a wider base of clients requires advertising through a vast variety of the media. For instance, a company would have to advertise on Twitter, facebook and Google and even other social platforms (Guffey & Loewy, 2013).


The high and creative advertisements that are used by companies in the media have stiffened the competition and limited the business success for some businesses (Guffey & Loewy, 2013).
To beat the competition that has cropped through the internet, business requires massive reinvestment and advertisement that are costly.

Misconception of Ideas

Social media and other modern electronic media have become the biggest catalysts for propaganda. As such, rivals have developed the tendency of starting rumors about business opponents in the media to tilt the competition in their favor.
In as much as a modern media can be used to the benefit of the company in the current market trends, it can also serve to the detriment of the same businesses (Wrench, 2013).

Factors to Consider when Selecting the Most Effective Communication Tools

  1. For Employees


Considering that employees are most of the times a significant number in business set ups, it is vital to find the total cost that would be incurred in installation of some aspects of business communication (Koekemoer & Bird, 2004). Use of expensive gadgets is not cost efficient. A business should hence opt for cheap tools like the social media, or walkie-talkie to smartphones (Perkins, 2008).


Gadgets of choice should only serve to increase productivity and not derail it. Devices that shift the attention of employees or reduce the total output should be avoided (Guffey & Loewy, 2013).


Use of gadgets that are not efficient in meeting their true purpose would be fatal. For instance, the use walkie-talkie to deliver electronic images wouldn’t be realistic as a tool has no such features.

  1. Internal Leadership

Efficiency and Reliability

Internal leadership derives the basis of its success from flow of information. Gadgets of choice should, therefore, serve to make the flow of information within the ranks of leadership efficient enough to help in meeting the deadlines. Gadgets that disrupt the flow of information would lead to the immense failure of leadership system.
Tools selected should also be agile enough to efficiently serve in urgent situations. The nature of the response of the internal leadership to critical situations marks the industry’s ability to maintain performance (Guffey & Loewy, 2013).


There are aspects of communication that carry a business’s/company’s secrets. Gadgets of choice should help protect the secrets that keep the company operational. Use of systems that can be easily hacked and information leaked to the public should be avoided (Ober, 2008).


Tools of communication should not be too expensive to beat the logic of economy (Ober, 2008).

III. External Stakeholders


External stakeholders are always sparse. As such, tools of choice should have the viral ability to deliver information over the large stakeholder networks with efficiency (Koekemoer and Bird, 2004). Efficiency in this case could mean the urgency, quality or even the ability to keep the information in its original context to avoid misinterpretation. The tools should keep the relationship between the company and the stakeholders tight. A fostered relationship not only builds trust and confidence, but also increase business the returns and capital base.


Expensive tools should be avoided as they increase the budgeting limits of the company. Tools selected s.............

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