Club Constituion

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Club Constituion




A constitution represents a set of written rules or an accord directing the aims of an organization, how the organization will be run, and determining how the members will work together. A constitution comprises of two sections: the rules that encompass core principles of the club and regulations or by-laws. The constitution recognizes the principle of availing justice and courtesy to all, partiality to none, and the liberties of the minority to be given a voice at meetings. The paper explores the making and the rationale of the constitution of the Organization of Students Volunteers.












Club Constitution


A requisite foundation for any successful club anchors on a workable constitution and bylaws as they avail fundamental principles that direct its operations.  This document mirror that organizational makeup of the Organization of Students Volunteers club and outlines when and where the meets, the officers that the club selects among others aspects. The involvement of the members is an excellent way of nurturing interest, leadership, decision-making skills, and writing skills (Brown, 2000).  The process of writing a constitution and by-laws should elaborate on the purpose and structure of the club, and avail a cornerstone for forming an efficient club. Furthermore, members and potential members should easily access the constitution to derive a better understanding of the club and how it functions (Paul, Miller, & Paul, 2011).

Article I: Name and Purpose

Section 1: Name

Organization of Students Volunteers

Section 2: Purpose

The club seeks to:

To facilitate the development of life skills such as practical skills, decision making skills, and self-concept

To avail an enjoyable atmosphere of learning where students can actively engage one another

To foster community interaction via volunteerism and community service

Article II: Membership

Section 1: Eligibility

Any student who has not reached their nineteenth birthday on the December 31st of this year is welcome to become a member of this club irrespective of his or her color, religion, gender, ancestry, familial status, marital status, disability, or sexual orientation.

Section 2: Enrollment

Members must re-enroll once per year to retain active Organization of Students Volunteers member status.

Section 3: Responsibilities

Every member is encouraged to engage regularly in club meetings.

Participation in the club’s activities remains a privilege and all participants are expected to demonstrate respect and cooperation to club leaders and members.

Section 4: Member in good standing

Members who are considered to be in good standing are those that satisfy or exc.............

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