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  1. Proposed study title

The proposal will research on the effects of incorporating Information Technology (IT) in public health centers human resources department.

  1. Aim:

The aim of the proposal will be: To establish the affect Information Technology (IT) on operations in the public health care centers in terms of cost, time, effectiveness, and contingency.

  1. Rationale

The incorporation of advanced technology in the public health care centers has a major impact on various operations in different departments, especially the human resource department. According to previous Information Technology in Health Care (2004), a lot of benefits have been realized in healthcare centers using information technology in their hospitals. The impact of IT on human resource will influence operations in three areas. First, it brings efficiencies creating new positions and also gets rid of others. Second, there would be changes in the type of medical care provided with introduction of new and advanced patient checking systems. Third, the healthcare delivery systems will be decentralized shifting major resources from tertiary care systems to primary, community and home care systems (Anvari 2012; Hancock and Gruff 2000).

  1. Learning outcomes

Most healthcare centers now realize the need for incorporating information technology aspect in their operations. Technology is still on its early stages in most public health institutions creating a need for thorough research on the area (Shemer 2010). The following research will have the following outcomes:

  • The public will understand the need for adopting the current technology since it has saved a lot of lives.
  • Healthcare workers in the public sector will have an opportunity to learn and utilize the new technology.
  • The government will increase the number of training programs for information technology.
  1. Scope and nature of proposed study

The study will take place in a 10 public healthcare centers in United States. The human resources departments will be targeted since they deal a lot with the hospital staff. The study will make use of open-headed questionnaires and face-to-face interviews to correct the needed data. The face-to-face interviews assist in gathering first-hand data and are free from distortion (Face to face interviews 2012). The target group composes of hospital staff in the human resource department, and 5 patients in each hospital. On the other hand, direct observations will be made where the researches will recognize the number of automated machines used in each healthcare centre.

  1. Action plan



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