Chapter 1 Summary: The Study of Politics

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Chapter 1 Summary: The Study of Politics

Chapter on of Magstadt’s (2013) book is an introductory chapter to the study of politics. The chapter is dedicated to the importance of studying politics, as well as, the concepts involved in the study of politics. The concepts of order, power, authority, justice, political science, political theory and human behavior towards politics have been discussed. Magstadt brings out the concept of understanding politics as a matter of self-driven interest or extension of public interest. In this chapter, he explains the relationships between power, justice and order. In the same line, he defines political power as the ability to maintain power in society, whether within or outside the borders of a nation.

Magstadt argues that political power is exercised by governments in a bid to maintain order. The author also raises the issue of integrity in the exercise of politics in what he refers to as the “P.............

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