Case Study-Leadership

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Case Study-Leadership

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Question 1

According to the case, I agree that Ho Ching is an influential leader. Ho Ching came from a humble beginning and having done engineering entered into the position of leading and displayed her presence. An influential leader has a capable confident persona. The attractive force of the charming identity attracts individuals and urges them to trail the steps of the leader. They confide in the authority and encourage employee to have sure feeling of self.

Ho Ching in demonstrating and making her presence known searched out for undertakings that others will take note. She employed the technique that when one exceeds expectations at imperceptible activities, just those in the area of expertise will take note. When one exceed expectations at unmistakable ventures, or tasks that deliver income, one extend the deceivability substantially more-and to higher administration levels. Ho Ching has a persuasive tactic. She work out a sound, principled contention from their perspective of the other employees as she is in a fantastic position to fabricate agreement and structure the partnerships you have to help your venture succeed (Haslam, Reicher, & Platow, 2013).

Question 2

The sources of power are Coercive Power and reward power. Coercive fo.............

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