Car Show

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Car Show




Car Show


The noise being made by the second-hand imported cars, as well as the new ones, stimulated my senses as I was walking past the car parade at Abu Dhabi Toyota car show. All around were group of uneasy cars fans that were running towards the convention center. Thousands of the people were already queuing waiting to get their tickets for the show. Luckily I had already got mine a month early hence did not have to wait for the long waiting line that was almost a mile in length.

The owners of the cars were not shy of showing their dream cars on the track, chat with friends and people about it as well as see the models of cars that other owners had brought on board or to the show.

The prices of the cars were considered as secondary issues as this did not hesitate the owners from taking about their cars as well as showcasing them with like-minded people. There is nothing most interesting to a car fun than hearing about the performance o.............

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