Business Group development

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Business Group development

  1. The phases, which are included in team development, need to be known. According to Bruce Tuckman, any group needs to develop and this occurs in four stages. During development of a group, there is a need to ensure that it operates well as it is being formed. The first stage is forming whereby, people have the need for acceptance and this means that they will do anything to avoid conflict and controversy. Each team member has a function, which benefits the team and how they can work to achieve their goals. It is a stage, which is extremely comfortable. The second stage is storming whereby; the addressed issues are important (Katzenbach& Smith, 2003. 45). At this stage, people are easily angered and are likely to confront each other. Culture plays an essential role in this stage. The third stage is norming whereby, tasks are made known to all the group members. Norming is affected by factors such as pressure, which constantly affects the group. In the fourth stage, the group members are capable of working on their own for the benefit of the group. In the work place, the soft skills, which are needed by employers, are team work, and attitude which is proactive, ability to solve problems, communication skill as well as being able to provide services.

2 .An example of a team, which I have participated in, is the one in school. All the students were expected to carry out a task in various groups. Each person was to contribute towards the group’s success. During the stage of formation, many problems occurred. The members did not get along well with each other. This is because some of them had personal differences with each other. After everyone was made k.............

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