Arizona government

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Arizona government

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A chart summarizing the powers and functions of the three branches of Arizona’s government

Arizona government state is made up of three separate branches, thus, the Judiciary, Executive and Legislature (Hull, 2010).


The judicial branch consists of the Arizona Supreme court, court of Appeal, Superior Court and the minor courts.

  • The Superior Courts

The superior court handles felony cases as well as hears laws and cases of equity that involves the possession of real property and misdemeanors.

  • Supreme Court

The governor appoints five justices that sit on the Arizona Supreme Court which has administrative supervision on all the courts. The chief justice exercises the supervision powers.

  • Court of Appeal

The court of Appeal reviews appeals from Industrial Commission, rules over unemployment compensation within the Security Economic Department as well as the Arizona Tax court.
Minor court hear petty offenses and covers jurisdiction over lawsuits below 5000$


  • The Executive branch members are selected by the Arizona people by voting. The members include the Superintendent of public Instruction, the Governor, the state treasurer, Secretary of state and the Attorney General.
  • The Executive branch has 130 agencies, authorities, departments, institutions commissions, boards, administrations, registrars, councils and It is assigned to several departments thus; Department of Commerce, Department of Agriculture, Department of Transportation and Department of Economic Security.
  • This branch of organization performs the day to day business of state of government and carrying out law (McClory, 2010).





The legislative consists of the Arizona House of Representatives, the Arizona Senate and the Office of the Auditor General, Legislative Council as well as the Joint Legislative Budget Committee.

  • The legislative branch makes and amends laws
  • Makes budget on how to spend and raise money from taxes
  • The president and the speaker are found in this branch
  • The president and the speaker appoint chairs to the standing committees and removes others as well as deciding when to pass a bill
  • The people of Arizona and the members of the senate propose a lawto this branch
  • The Minority Leader sets party policy and legislative programs as well as whipping.............

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