An Outline for an Academic Paper

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An Outline for an Academic Paper


With the enhancement and introduction of new operating systems in the information technology sector, organizations have an opportunity to choose from different alternatives available in the market. However, making an informed choice is important in order to enhance performance as well as security of the organization’s information. Basically, networks play an integral role in enhancing the operations of a business and or organization by ensuring that this is within the expectations of the clientele. To a great extent, this is influenced by the type of operating system that is employed by the business. Since Riodan depends heavily on LAN, the current windows 2000 operating system provides that best alternative as this can easily be managed.

Seemingly, Riodan has established a WAN to connect its operations within a wider geographic scale. This is important because it enables the organization to not only monitor operations but also ease communications for effective output. Since the windows 2k operating system provides an interface that is user friendly because of its multiple choices with regard to the type of network to be employed at different levels, it can be considered effective for use by the organization. In his review, Haykins (2001) asserts that other attributes such as stability and speed gives it an upper hand over the other operating systems. In this regard, it should be appreciated that since the operating system has been the market for a relatively long time, inherent weaknesses and challenges can easily be addressed as opposed to the emerging options.

Also worth noting is the fact that Riodan heavily depends on its LAN for a host of local operations. The current machineries support the specification of windows 2k operating sys.............

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