American Literature

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American Literature

This paper seeks to provide information on Trifles’ explanation on how individuals view the opposite sex and Eugene O’Neill’s writing and how the audience is expected to interpret the content. With the first part dealing with the play Trifles, there are various aspects displayed in the play which show how various people view the opposite sex. The main message within this play is that the presentation of oneself determines what the opposite sex will think. In this case, if a man presents himself in a weird manner, ladies tend to think that all men are the same. This also applies to men where if ladies do not present themselves well, they are all stereotyped as having the same behavior. The writer in this case is trying to show that the presentation of oneself from the start matters a lot.

The second case focuses on Yank’s death and how readers can understand it.  Yank in Eugene’s writing is a character who is known to be unthinking (O’Neill, 2004). He is a brutish laborer who tries to find a sense of belonging where the world that surrounds him is controlled by individuals who are rich. In his quest to find that sense of belonging, he comes across an ocean liner where he is ordered to fuel the engines. This is something which makes him feel secure and appreciate.............

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