American History from the Civil War to the Present

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American History from the Civil War to the Present

From 1946 to 1965 the United States was facing the effects of the Cold War. The war was considered one of their ways of life. The biggest effect of this was evident among the middle class individuals who were rising to be the social class popular. From 1945 to 1963, the births in the United States were almost 70 million babies.  This was an increase as compared to the numbers between 1928 through 1944. With the experience from the war, the Americans were better than they were in the past. This could count to a party because of the economic boom that had swept the nation after the Second World War ended. This economic boon was led by changes in construction industry, automobile as well as defense industries. These economic changes lasted for only twenty-five years.  All the above changes in American culture were attributed to the start of the cold war.  In 1947, Harry Truman had been the president for United States for two years; however, as a Vice President under Franklin Roosevelt regime he has hid the President about foreign and military objectives (Brody, David, Lynn, and Susan 12).

The united States Joined World war II with the resources they had at their disposal and came out with world power. When the war started, President Roosevelt developed the Neutrality acts, which kept United States out of war (Timothy 617).  This was not until Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and United States decided to take part in the War and amalgamated the Allies.  The Americans joined the War without military bases and world’s market to apply its will. The United States took control all the experience, resources, and power it gained in the Cold wars.

After  defeating Japan, the United States took control of economic and political control in Asia. The United States took control of the empire in Europe and swapped it as the main powerhouse in Middles east where United States took control of major Oil reserves.  The Americans developed the United Nations to increase its role and created the World Bank and IMF (International Monetary Fund). The Americans built empires in Europe out of ruins of Europe’s exiting colonies by backing regions doctorial leadership like that of The Shah of Iran and Mobutu in Zaire. This gave America advantage over other countries that also completed for the same resources and world market.

History states that conflicts that exists between nations cannot be avoided. Even the smallest countries in the world need military protection. However, few countries in the world have been involved in cross conflicts with other nations for more than fifty years and been in a battle with each other. The Russians and the American had been friend for more than a century, then on December 1917 when the communist took power, formed the Soviet Union, and announced a biological for the states in the west, at this time they started developing enmity with the United States. The United States did not recognize the Soviet Union until 1933.  The two countries went into war in World War II hand in hand to fight the Germans as allies.

In 1944, the Soviet Union and the United States broke their long time alliance because they had two different political systems. The two countries had a very bad history, but the USSR moved to Europe the United States afforded not to overlook the country. One of the individuals that the two countries was grateful about was Winston Churchill after the he divided the line between Europe’s iron curtain and USSR satellite.  The United states were aware that if the left the creeping Communism it would be worse in the future.  The two nations completed for everything that appeared worth from how well their sportsmen performed on the Olympics as well as the size of their empires.  The dangerous competition that both United States and the Soviet Union went into was the Arms Race.  The made people to develop fear for possible war due to previous war experiences that started in such manner.

After several years of conflict, the United States knew that competition with the USSR would not be a solution to end of communism. President Truman came up with the Containment Policy; that stated that the Americans would help the people forced to become soviet satellite in Europe.  The United States started this policy implementation with Turkey and Greece.  In order to manage the plan, President Truman idea was funded with $400 million in aid. To date Greece and Turkey remain the states were Democracy started.

Just after the accomplishment of the Containment policy, the Americans once again reached another new plan; the Marshall Plan. In the plan, the United States helped countries who had not gained social, political, and economic wellbeing after the Cold War. The mission of the plan as instigated by marshal was to resuscitate a working economy in the World. This was considered as a sol.............

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