American Football

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American Football

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American Football

American football was first played in 1869; each team was made up o 25 players and was a combination of rugby and soccer rules. The ball used was round and the field was 400 by 250 feet. With time there have been changes in the game, then it was never played professionally but currently it is (Foley, 1990). The ball changed and is oval to allow for a good grip, the players have reduced to 11 players from each team, the field size was reduced to measure 110 by 53.3 yards and the duration of a game was reduced from 70 to 60 minutes.

Football fits into everyday life of the American society as it is played in all high schools and colleges. The ratio of men to women funs is 4.9:5.1, while the ratio of the college graduate funs to high school drop outs is 3.6:4.1. The game has great influence in the society this is because not only does it offer a platform to sponsor high school students to college but experiences great media coverage. National and international games are aired by television stations and are watched all over the country (Maguire, 1990). The sport is a male dominated, however this is not due to biased rules. It is highly physical and rough and th.............

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