American Dominance, American Regression & American Resurgence

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American Dominance, American Regression & American Resurgence

With intent to explain the truth of the long and multifaceted relationship between the United States of America and the United Nations I will explain clearly the stages involved in forming it in the first place. Initially, it is the US that gave rise to the UN and gave it life through the use of its resources at that time therefore giving it the dominance it possesses. The UN therefore owes its current level of power and position in the world to the US. And even with this basis for their relationship, in the UN there are still cases of multilateralism as well as ambivalence toward it by the US. In most cases, the agendas in the UN are always in line with any future plans that the US might have and this enhances their relationship.

American Domination is portrayed by their actions especially when they do not abide by the set rules to the word. The UN was formed in 1945 after the Second World War with the objective of maintaining a stable and peaceful international society. Leaders of the world congregated to initiate its formation with the US leading the process represented by Franklin Delano Roosevelt who was America’s president then. The UN was meant to replace the League of Nations which by then was flawed and not implementing on its responsibilities. The United States has ever since then held a great influence economically, politically and through military influence worldwide therefore making it a vital arm of the United Nations. The US did not relate itself too closely with the multilateral rules however it has been among the leading nations in multilateralism in the previous century. To enhance this relationship, the US pioneered in most multilateral treaties and allowed the UN to situate most of their headquarters in the USA.

American regression was pioneered during the signing of the UN formation by the five permanent affiliates of the Security Council; USA, UN, France, Republic of China and the Soviet Union. Their strength in the relationship was shown in their actions when they started retreating from commitments it had with the UN and still they were not eliminated. The US in many instances has turned its back against the United Nations. For instance, Jesse Helms the former chair of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee stated in his speech toward the United Nations Security Council that no institution had the power or jurisdiction to be a judge of the foreign policies and decisions of national.............

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