American Beauty Film Analysis

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American Beauty Film Analysis

The film, American beauty is about a depressed suburban father, Lester  Burham who in a mid life crisis, resolves to change his busy lifestyle after developing infatuation for Angela, who is an attractive friend of his daughter. According to the academic fraternity, the movie has been described as satire of the middle class in America where the concept of personal satisfaction and beauty emphasizes on the exploration of sexuality, self-liberation, paternal love, romance, redemption, materialism and beauty. The clip of the movie moves excellently with the sound track thus bringing about emotions and rhythmical flow.

General music of the film

In this film, the rhythm and mood of the music were created using percussion instruments, whose inspiration was offered by Mendes. The color over melody, favored pulse and rhythm were instrumental in achieving the minimalistic score. Thomas Newman developed repeated phrases that were small and continuous. The percussion instruments used included xylophones, cymbals, Tablas, Bongos and Marimbas. Others that are features include world music instruments, guitars and flutes.

The soundtracks in the movie feature songs by Bobby Dain, Newman, The guess, Free Eels, Bill Withers, Peggy lee, Gomez, The Folk Implosion, and Betty Carter. Other two conversions are “because” by beetles and “Don’t let it bring you down” by Neil Young.

The critical relationship between the film clip and the music

The American beauty adheres to the conventional narrative structure, with the only exception where displacement of the opening of Ricky and Jane occurs in the mid part of the film. Rhythm of the repetition forms the principle core of the movie. For instance, there are two scenes, shot from the same angle, where Burnhams sit to have the evening meal. The two images are similar with the only difference occurring in body language and object placement, which   mirror the dynamic changes brought about by the new found assertiveness by Leister.

Lester infatuation and fixations on Angela is exhibited by a non-diegetic score that creates his fantasy’s narrative stasis. His fantasies are stressed on by repetitive and slow motion shots. While the rhythm and song” the Broadway” is sung, Leister is seen to be increasingly fixated on Angela, which highlight h.............

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