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During the 19th century there was a massive competition among the western countries on the colonial states and one of the affected parts of the world was Africa and Asia (Spickard, 2009) . It is during this time that the industrial revolution was at its peak and the ideas of mercantilism were rife. This necessitated need for labor to work in agricultural plantations in the United States and other western countries. The US was involved in many economic expansion activities that also included structural development which required heavy labor supply. Asians were forcefully or induced to migrate to the US and some ended in Hawaii (Spickard, 2009). In the US they were engaged in building railway and other infrastructures while in Hawaii they were engaged in working in large sugarcane plantation. It is important to point out that the type of treatment they received in these two places were different. The working conditions were almost the same but in the US the Asians faced more isolation and racial segregation than in Hawaii. The factor in this case.............

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