America first hand

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America first hand

American firsthand is an account of the contact and conquest of the Americas by the Europeans; it also looks deeply into the experiences of the Native Americans under the colonial rule and the rapidly changing society and economic situation in the Americas. Anthony Marcus, John M. Giggie and David Burner in their chronological account of the activities and the events that took place in America during the entry of colonialists in America, the colonial period, the struggle for independence and post-colonial events is surely a critical tool in the writing of the American story first hand.

Contact between the Europeans and the Americas started way back in the 10th century when the Norse sailors came to settle down at the shores of Canada and Greenland after their explorations brought them here. They had settled here for a while before the entry of a large number of Spanish traders who were led by Christopher Columbus in such for a sea route to the East realized this great land and decided to also settle there in the islands of the Caribbean and Bahamas. Soon there was a lot of movement of many European nations to the Americas and countries like France controlled the North Eastern America and much of the South America whereas Portugal also colonized Brazil and England colonized much of the Northern American coast.

The colonial experience in America was one that infringed so much pain to the American natives. Although the primary goal of the colonizers was not to use the natives but as time went by there were so many ways in which the natives were treated which to them was like slavery. The Europeans controlled the entire business world, limiting the natives from carrying out large scale businesses by enforcing strict regulation and barriers that hindered them. There were also religious changes and persecutions by the Europeans. Also there were political changes that were experienced. The colonial rulers brought a vibrant political leadership which included youths who were very energetic. The colonial.............

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