America and Multiculturalism

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America and Multiculturalism


America has approximately more than three hundred million people which make her the third in the world. She won her in dependence from Great Britain and largely upholds fundamental rights and freedoms of her citizenry.


Multiculturalism is a philosophical and a political process that leads to conglomeration of different cultures. In the United States, multiculturalism underscores their belief in ‘goodness and forthrightness that underpins their legitimacy to govern the world.’

Multicultural and Bilingual Education

Multicultural education cuts across all spectrums of life.  It largely dictates the content of the curriculum that is taught at school, the instruments and methodologies used to deliver the content as well as taking into account what learners bring with them to their learning experience.

On the other hand, bilingual education is of different types namely; transitional, developmental and dual language. All of which are aimed and imparting skills and knowledge in the Childs native language and this can be transliterated later on in English.

Educational curriculum content

The diversity of American cultural experience has not been an acknowledged for a very long time until most recently. The multicultural tendencies have been in cooperated in the educational curriculum albeit, not long ago. This will help explore formerly ignored cultures and philosophical ideologies. in this regard, the prime objective of multicultural education, which is to enhance representation of a multivariate culture by way of instruction on less represented cultural experiences and publicly accepting teaching learners on formerly ignored ways of life. Humans are culturally diverse.

As a result, America has already adopted many ways of educational instruction an acquisition of knowledge that is currently practiced in several set ups of different people.

Even though, there is a global fact of American population, American institutions of learning have continued to teach by means of classical Anglo-Saxon culture. Multiculturalists therefore, attempt to liberalize methodology of instruction. This is very important since people cannot continue to presume that, different learners bring with them similar background of cumulative experience in the educational process.

Diversities that learners bring to the learning experience

Varied learners bring distinct backgrounds to similar learning experience. In a diverse society, it is a moral and civic obligation to recognize and acknowledge the differences that that are exuded by the learners.

Most importantly, distinct learners come with varied degrees of support to the classroom. Lufor example, an upper-class learner tends come with a strong support system in terms of, role models,   social and economic stability.

On the contrary, a lower-class learner may bring with him fewer role models, minimal economic stability.  With fewer role models, she is most likely to be less motivated and he output largely reduced due to minimal resources and unstable flow of support.

Identification and Classification of disabilities

In most cases, those who are physically challenged with sound medical foundations are recognized early enough by physicians and sometimes by parents or guardians.

Lastly, teachers too, have played a role in identification and assessment of learners with disability since they can easily notice anomalies in children mode of conduct. Primary and secondary disabilities is where primary entails the physical impairment while the secondary disability encompasses me.............

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