Amazon’s Website Analysis

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Amazon’s Website Analysis

Amazon website provides a huge marketplace that will assist one to make a big saving up to 90% on used text books and up to 30% on new textbooks by shopping at its textbooks store. The information contained in this web page is very brief and to the point. Any visitor to this website will get the glance of what he webpage is all about in the shortest time possible.

The information presented in this website is organized well. Where emphasis is required there is change of case and use of short sentences which allow one to read through easily and quickly. It is hardly impossible for any person to miss, the content in this webpage because of the simplicity of language used to describe the items contained in there. Additionally, there are no complications in this webpage due to arrangement of wording. Both small letters and capital letters are mixed where possible to ease reading.

This webpage maintains a professional business language all along. No usage of jargon anywhere in this page. This makes authentic and accurate the information the page contains. Given that this webpage is specifically meant for business advertising and selling, words used are effectively chosen to retain the reputation of the page. Amazon webpage is very attractive due to the graphics used to present important information. It is real a marketplace for entrepreneurs. The headlines contain different colors so as to allow users to notice the elements contained under them. The advertised books are also provided and displayed alongside previous but cancelled high prices and new reduced prices.

The web page is updated and provides the most recent offers of prices and books available online. This gives the users an opportunity to make orders and sales at the most current prices. There is a judicious use of attention catching tools which include; bold, font changes, color and graphics. All the above listed attention catching tools are provided strategically so that important inf.............

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