Aluminum Alloys And Their Usage

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Aluminum Alloys And Their Usage


In order to enhance formation of alloys and the strengthening of the mechanical properties of the aluminum alloys, they are formed under a solidified process with temperatures below the melting point. The material is initially deformed over semi solid temperature as result of heat caused by the process of plastic deformation.

The tensile power, elongation, toughness and hardness of the alloys are achieved under the temperature that varies from 500 to 550 degrees. This is in comparison to the billets extruded under hot temperatures of about 450degrees together with the semi solid that is processed at 560degrees. The billet heat during formed is evaluated using the finite stimulation element. The tensile potency together with hardness of extruded billet at 550 degrees which is below solidus temperature that is high than the billet produced at around 450degree.

They are almost similar to the billet that is malformed at around 560degrees at a semi solid state at the same temperature. Cracking that happens on the surface extrudes the billet that is processed at high blow speed. The calculated heat that is applied to extrude the material in a semi solid state that is experimental \because of the improved hardness. Volume production of cars commonly uses aluminum in the production of parts of the car. The different parts include engines castings, radiators, together with wheels. The general production of the cars is approximately around 5000 to 6000 chain of alloys.

It is also essential as it offers adequate strength that combines to make the parts resistant to corrosion, its toughness and ability to weld it. The reasonably low cost, ready availability and the light weight in density, the flexibility of the metal its structure and integrity and its easy nature to make into various forms and its uses has now widen from use in commercial vehicles, cars, marine freights, navy submarin.............

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