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An alternative currency refers to any currency which is used as a substitute to the dominant currency. These currencies can be created by organizations or individuals. They can also be created by local administration bodies or states. This paper seeks to provide information on an alternative currency I came up with, the design and the effect it has on real life in the current society. Generally, I took some photos from Toronto and I came up with an alternative currency which can be used to run daily activities. This is a currency from my own creativity which I made considering various aspects of life.

The currency I came up with has the bill name Time Currency. This title was driven from the main purpose of the currency as it is meant to carry out trade on personal activitiesand time being the main aspect. In this case, I designed it having in mind that it will be used for effective personal service in order to help save time and work for the benefit of the community at large. This is the main reason whyI designed it in relation to hours depending on the level of working.

The photos I used in the currency were meant to express what I need to drive out to the society. I used a photo of my friend wherebyat the front he is awake and at the back he is tired. This is to put across the point thattime is an important aspect and everybody in the society has to wake up and use it responsibly for the betterment of the society at large. The main reason as to why I used the “awake” photo on the front was to show that this is what I prioritize. I encourage hard work, therefore, individuals ought to have in mind that hard work is the best and it pays. The other photo which is the “tired”photoshows that I do not prioritize laziness. This is something I do not encourage and that is why I put it in the back. It is something that should come last and only by those people who are not hard working. This means that only a small percentage in the society should be considered lazy but a higher percentage is active and hard working.

The “awake” and “tired” photos are also meant to depict the type of people that are found in the society. There are those who are enthusiastic while there are those who do not use their time perfectly for the purpose of making the society better. I used these photos to make certain that a message is passed across so that many individuals would be encouraged to work for the best. This is majorly because most activities which are undertaken require human resources. This gives a clear impression that without human resource availability, many things are not possible. This is therefore an encouragement to make sure that individuals build up that urge to wake up and carry out effective activities.

The background photo for the front side was taken from Toronto downtown. This is actually a reflection of the cover photo which is the “awake” photo. The background photo shows a Skywalk in which the two photos are lined. I used them to show that a hard working individual has greater chances to have a better life and succeed compared to those who are “tired.” Those who are “awake” have higher chances to live better lives and avoid predicaments that come along with poverty. The glass t.............

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