Alternative to Retributive Justice

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Alternative to Retributive Justice



In 1998, Karla Faye Tucker was the first woman to become executed in Texas since the time of the Civil War. The case was extraordinary because of the extreme brutality of Tucker’s crime and the dramatic religious conversions, which she experienced on her death row. The rehabilitation that she had led to calls for clemency and mercy; however, this was denied. This assignment seeks to explore alternatives to retributive justice in this case.

One of the alternatives to retributive justice was corrective justice. Corrective justice involves restitution to the party injured or performance of reperations. Besides, community service is also one of the considerations of corrective justice. In this case, an alternative to execution could be serving the community (Zernova, 2007). However, corrective justice could be a less just outcome because it is not possible to consider restitution to the injured party; this is because human life cannot be gauged or compared to any amount. This alternative has less merit than retributive justice in the Tucker’s case.

Restorative justice seeks to rehabilitate an offender within the community so as to make him realize the negativity of his actions to the community (Zernova, 2007). This could be another alternative to retributive justice. In the Tucker’s case, this could represent a more just outcome since Tucker became .............

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