Alternative Energy

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Alternative Energy

2 A) What is your favorite RE and why?

Solar Power

The most potent energy source is the sun and consequently, solar energy qualifies to be the most favorite renewable energy. Energy from the sun is used in many forms including lighting buildings as well as homes, heating water, electricity generating and also other industrial processes. The sun is also the direct or indirect source of several other renewable energy forms such as wind power which arises from blowing wind that is caused by heat from the sun. Solar energy also promotes vegetation growth which in turn produces biomass energy and also promotes precipitation and evaporation cycles therefore resulting to hydropower.

The most common uses attributed to solar power include cooking, sea water desalination, electricity production and heating. The working of solar power is relatively easy in which case rays from the sun are trapped into solar cells which consequently convert the sunlight to electricity. However, there are alternative approaches to this. Sunlight may be made to strike parabolic mirrors and thereby heating water or passively heating a room by simply opening its windows to allow entry of sunlight. Therefore the use of solar power is relatively easy as compared to other forms of renewable energy (Williams, 2009, 123-145).

The existence of solar power is dependent on the existence of the sun which is definite and therefore it is a guaranteed source of energy. The use of solar power is not associated in any way to air and water pollution since no chemical reaction is required in generating it. The use of solar power is highly efficient and serves practical purposes including lighting as well as heating. Benefits allied to solar power are evident in spas, water tanks as well as heat pools.

2 b) A friend (business, child, or  spouse) asks you about RE (Renewable Energy), what      would you say?

In most countries, natural gas, coal and oil are considered important sources of energy for domestic and industrial application. However, relying on these sources is a cause of a major problem because these are finite resources and their continued use would lead to a global depletion and the retrieval of the remaining becoming extremely expensive. Furthermore, their contribute significantly to pollution of water, soil as well as air in addition to production of greenhouse gases that is the big contributor to global warming.

Therefore, it is essential to account for renewable resources as alternative to these sources that are non renewable. Dependence on renewable energy will drastically reduce the problems of greenhouse gases emission and their sustainability is guaranteed. Other important reasons justify the importance of implementing renewable sources of energy as is manifested by the Kyoto protocol. The current culture is inclined t.............

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