Alternative Energy, Renewable Energy Sources

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Alternative Energy, Renewable Energy Sources

When the concept of alternative energy came to the attention of congress for the first time, professionals explained that this form of energy would only be attractive once the price of oil hits $35 per barrel. Currently, the cost of oil is way above $120 per barrel and some individuals are still opposed to the use of alternative energy. In most cases alternative energy comprises of renewable energy sources. Whenever the term Renewable Energy Sources pops up, many individuals tend to associate the same with the belief that it is the form of energy that can be tapped and reused now and again. Once, a journalist overheard a resident of Boston swear that the government was wrong for refusing to use renewable energy. The resident believed that she could purchase a small portion of the energy and keep renewing it hence evade paying electricity (electrical energy) bills. However, as this is in discussion herein, it will be evidently seen that this is a form of energy source that does not deplete natural resources.

Most government officials support alternative energy but believe that it would be very expensive to implement it. Nevertheless, though there could be short term expenses to install suitable infrastructure for alternative energy, not installing this infrastructure all together could turn out to be more expensive in the long run. According to studies, tapping of only a small portion of sun’s energy could satisfy more than 100% of the America’s energy needs. On the other hand, continued usage of hydro and oil energy will end up depleting most, if not all, of the resources involved. Furthermore, oil has far much more environmental implications .............

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