Alternative Devices to The iPhone

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Alternative Devices to The iPhone


The iPhone is one of the most commonly used smartphones in the world today. As its popularity grows, the interest in retrieving all the data contained in this device also grows. A smartphone is basically a small computer and numerous concepts of computer forensics can be applied in it. However, the difference here is that data in such phones is highly volatile. Furthermore, it is difficult to copy the content of the memory since it is encrypted in the phone’s operating system. The running of applications foreign to Apple is also cumbersome and this forces forensic experts to work their way around the challenges (Engman 1).


Smartphones such as the iPhone are increasingly being used as instruments of connecting people. This s through phone calls, social networks and short message services. If an individual’s consociates and networks are to be mapped then their mobile phones becomes a resource for this purpose (Engman 1).

Problem statement

The main objective of this paper is to demonstrate how forensic analysis can be performed on the memory of the iPhone. The main question in this study is:

  • How can a forensic analysis of an iPhone be performed?

Approach/ Methodology

This study will involve a qualitative research methodology which will include conducting investigative experiments. To be able to acquire forensic data from the iPhone it is important to understand the file system that is often used. The iPhone uses the HFSX file system. An understanding of the two main ways, SQLite databases and the binary list (.plist), is important since artefacts such as call history and messages are stored in the databases of the iPhone (Engman 5).

The main objective of any forensic investigation is to find information that can be used as evidence to get to know the individual behind the system. The interest also includes the acquisition of some knowledge of the people that this person knows including his or her associates. The primary function of the smartphones will be to provide the necessary connection between an individual and his or her acquaintances (Engman 9). The data that can be extracted from this phone, which is of interest to forensic investigators, focuses on the following areas

  • Call logs (Library/CallHistory/call history.db). It is an apparent source of data in the examination of a mobile phone. It provides a list of people the person under investigation is attached to. It also provides timestamp data.
  • Phone contacts (library.AdressBook/AddressBook.sqlitedb. It includes both mobile phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Media (Media/PhotoData/photos.sqlite). IPhones can also be used as cameras that keep improving every time a new m.............

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